I did get Carsons letter through dear elder finally. Also I have very little time so I am sorry. I saw my first batch of parrots here so that was exciting! Except for the fact that they are loud and poop a lot. I also met Elder Marshall who is cousins with the Bohnes here in the cafeteria. You find weird connections everywhere.
The pipes were doing weird things again and I flushed the toilet the other day and a huge geyser of water came spewing out of the toilet after. I screamed so loud. I saw my life flash before my eyes because there is nothing like having your own urination fly out at you to get your heart pumping.
We had our first fast Sunday here which was nice. It was hilarious to watch the desperation of the elders before and after the fast because they thought they might never eat again. you should have seen the stacks of food piled a mile high!
Another round of Mexicanos left this week, at 3,4, and 5 in the morning and they dont know the concept of a whisper unfortunately. I thought I was loud. Nope. So a little missed sleep never hurt anyone I suppose.
Our district now does a Matching Miercoles. We all wore navy an blakc with polka dots last Wednesday as a district and it was funny. We took a picture. I really love my district. It is a lot different then I thought it would be but we really have bonded over all the classroom time we spend together.
We taught a lesson the other day and it wasnt going so hot. well when the guy told me what he did, he said Im a carpenter. seeing as how i know how to respond to very little of what they say i just said JESUS WAS A CARPENTER TOO. im a great teacher haha.
We did some workouts from Hermana Mehners pintrest book and we walked around like pregnant ladies for the next two days. Our legs hurt so bad. I didn't want to play soccer that day but thanks mom haha. We did play volleyball as a district which was a blast.
An important word to not get mixed up in spanish is pecado and pescado. one means sin and one means fish. I learned form personal experience because I told someone that jesus died for their fish and apparently that doesnt make much sense. oops again. I hope it endears in the field haha.
how is Mexico family? maybe I will forgive you one day for going without me. Also a scripture for Kelsey as I wish her good luck in law school, Alma 10: 13-18, 32. Mom said you were complaining about having to leave and I know that will cheer you up!
Thank you Shannon, Emma, Taylor, Blake, Rylee, Aunt Kim, Kelsey, Mom, Katie, Seth, Mikaela, Mary Ann, Courtney and I think that is it. Your support means so much!
Hermana Cropper