Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jul 9, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Hey, I got here safe! My flight was actually delayed an hour and a half and we waited a while in the terminal for other missionaries but that guy I thought wasnt a missionary anymore actually was. we found each other and got or bags after the flight and so i was good to go. Im with two elders who are both fresh out of high school. one is from west virginia and one is from idaho and they are both FARM boys. as in the city scared them. granted the streets of mexico city were absolutely nuts so i cant blame them. they gave us some food and they told me the water is safe but i am still skeptical. the people are speaking lots of spanish so i have relatively no idea what is going on. i just got my tags and it feels official now! anyways, dont worry about me. its very safe and fenced in. the only problem is the fact that i can speak next to no spanish. i already have used the spanish to english dictionary like twenty times. also the keyboards here are weird and i couldnt figure out how to capitalize without looking at the keyboard so sorry for the bad grammar. i love you all and will make sure to get back to you super soon.
love, jamie

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