first off, DO NOT SEND LETTERS TO THE CURRENT ADDRESS. dont send them at all. the mail takes six weeks to get here and that is if it gets here. so make sure just to send emails until i get to Colorado.
wow so much has happend. i only have a half hour but my pdays are on tuesday for the record. im companions with aunt kim´s friend!!! her name is sister mehner and she is from southern california. my district is made of girls all going to colorado fort collins!!! hermanas luke, snow (from winnemucka! haha i told her i love small town girls from nevada), and mehner! also another girl, hermana mangum is going there too. no boys going to our mission yet though. we are part of what is the second generation of americans who are in the CCM (mexico mtc) and it is so different here! the food is very interesting and by that i mean i´m losing weight. but thats ok. my teacher is also sister dewey! kelseys friend! she is very nice. the spanish is wayyyyy overwhelming but they do it on purpose. i taught my first lesson with my companion on my THIRD DAY HERE. it was kind of a train wreck but im just attempting to be the least train wreck of a spanish missionary as possible. }
we went to the temple today and it was beautiful!!!! we had to listen to it in spanish though and it was very confusing. i didnt understand much at all. and the bus ride over made me sick. the rules of the road are very different here, kind of the biggest car wins if you know what i mean. but there are still a ton of VW bugs.
church on sunday was really cool. we got to do mostly talks in english except they call on a few random unfortunate souls to give a talk on a preassigned thing we should have been practicing on. well i was lucky enough not be chosen but was i really lucky, NO. i had to LEAD THE MUSIC. i almost had a panic attack. i told them i would say the prayer or give a talk and they still had me lead even after i begged. our district leader thought it was funny to watch me struggle so he had me lead for our class the day after. har har har. not.
we share a room with two native speakers and they laugh at me and hermana mehner trying to speak spanish. it is actually really helpful though because they are really patient and help us to learn spanish when we are getting ready for bed. ill be sad to seem them go. one if from mexico (h. gonzalez) and the other is from the dominican republic (h. castrono) and they are going to mexico for their mission. they laugh at me because i go on bug killing sprees every night because we get mosquito bites in our casa and there are these huge jumping things too which terrify hermana mehner.
im going to send this in two parts so i can see who else sent me emails really quick.