Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jul 23
so turns out the mail takes 2-3 weeks to get here so not as bad as they once thought. but dear elder is a safe bet. use the pouch mail they get from salt lake.
something that is weird about mexico- we hear LARGE booms on a fairly regular basis. apparently people make homemade fireworks. because of this, people whistle the hunger games theme song whistle ALL THE TIME. like another tribute has fallen (because of the cannon) or something. it is extremely regular. i was funny at first but now it is just annoying. it could also possibly be a sign of the rebellion because it is only the hungry american boys who seem to do it.
also, im pretty sure the volcano was acting up this week, there was some very questionable smoke but we are so disconnected from the outside world i have no idea what exactly it really was.
we had a great devotional by video by elder holland. it was the first time i have ever been scared of an apostle. he laid it out pretty darn clear and i felt bad because that must be how he always chews out the elders in priesthood. he told us to make this change of a mission permanant and forever and it was really moving but also terrifying.
i had to give a talk in church on repentance, i was randomly called up and it was a litle scary as well. however, there are very few people who judge you because we all stink. it was a very messy spanglish talk but as long as the spirit is there i suppose the grammar doesnt matter.
my district does have boys in it too. there are 11 people, 4 are the colorado girls i mentioned earlier and i love them all. we are never seperated and i mean that quite literally. my roommates (besides my comp hermana mehner) left yesterday and we wore black to mourn their departure. we will miss them a lot and they were truly helpful with all the language stuff.
our motto with the cafeteria here is porque no? combined with have no fear. bread is a BIG DEAL here. when the workers bring it out all the americans swarm and take a roll. or two. or three. they served hot dogs and fries yesterday!!!!!! it was great. but then they served a hot dog soup this morning and i do NOT think that is a coincidence.
do grandma and grandpa clement know and knopfs from woodinville? i met a girl yesterday from there and she was really nice.
we have luckily started to get toilet paper since last letter because we ran out and started stealing some from the schools bathrooms. thank goodness. it was a little funny but also a little ridiculous to be rolling your toilet paper onto your hands so that you could go to the bathroom in the room we have at home. the boys live in the dormitories and the girls live in these homes that house roughly 20 girls. four to a room with a shower. and bunk beds, im on the top. we defintely have it better than the boys who share with 6 to a bathroom.
we attempted doing laundry with the given machine last week but it didnt appear to work. the dryer was even worse. hermana mehner fit inside of it actually but just because it was big did not mean it worked. we will be doing our laundry by hand this week haha.
it rains a LOT here. i thought because it is mexico it would be warm, nope! its torrentia rain almost every single day in the afternoon.
i was asked to help our district leader, elder milmont, with carrying out his duties. this includes HSI which stands for speak your language in spanish. they want us to only speak in spanish and then i have to record our own self given scores at the end of each day. it mostly just means if we are obedient we dont talk much at all haha.
i am glad that i have the opportunity to serve and help people who have lost sight of what is really important in life. i know the atonement is real and that god loves all his children, especially the ones that not everyone loves are or more difficult to love. the spanish is rough but i know that it is truly a miracle that i have learned as much as i have at this point. i am so grateful for this slow miracle in my life. i cant imagine being a widow for that long, how sad. but our family is given the unique and trying position to help those in need as the bishops family and i know we will be blessed for all the work we put into the ward! especially dad!!!!!
also, adivice for ashley and kaylee, my favorite thing in the world is my tiny mirror that stand by itself. i HIGHLY recommend bringing one to the MTC.
love, jamie

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